Fresh Feta Goat Cheese

Taste and Texture

Feta (Greek: φέτα, féta, “slice”) is a brined curd white cheese .Our Feta cheese made out of

100% goat milk . Feta is a rich, crumbly and mildly salty cheese. Our Goat Milk cheese is

crafted in the farmstead tradition using high quality fresh Grade A Kosher milk produced from

goats and it’s not in Greece! It’s right here in the U.S. A couple of hours from a store! Fresh as

fresh can be. Fun Fact: f Because the curing process involves brine, feta cheese is sometimes

called “pickled cheese”.

Storage and serving suggestions

Feta’s shelf life is very long because salt serves as a natural preservative. After opening it can

stand for two month if it covered in the brine water.

Keep it covered with the brine solution in an airtight container, refrigerated. The brine solution

is nice and helps prevent spoilage. If you run low on the brine, you can top it up with salted

water (or plain water and it will absorb salt from the cheese–this will result in a less salty feta).

If you store feta without the brine, you’ll find the cheese dries out quickly and won’t last as long.

Feta cheese can be frozen but there will be a loss of texture and quality once thawed. For the best

taste it’s better to be used fresh!

The cheese can be used melted on a traditional Greek salad, pizza or pie. It tastes delicious with

olive oil, roasted red peppers and nuts. If required, it can be washed under water to remove the

extra saltiness.


Grade A Kosher Goat Milk, Cultures, Enzymes, Sea Salt

Why is it good for you?

Goat cheeses contain moderate levels of probiotics, the “good” bacteria that aid gastrointestinal

health in the human body.

Our goat cheese has no additives, preservatives, or bovine growth hormones that can be found

in cow’s milk cheeses. Our Feta Cheese is gluten free!

Goat milk cheese is great source of a number of important nutrients and vitamins:
• Riboflavin or vitamin B2
• The amino acid tryptophan
• Vitamin A is 47% higher in goat’s milk
• Goat’s milk contains 25 percent more vitamin B-6 than cow’s
• Three times as much niacin
• It is also four times higher in copper
• High in Calcium