Adina L. and kids

We've tried so many different options to replace the cow's milk to of my children are allergic to soy milk, rice milk, you name it, we've tried it. This is a great substitute , only its no a substitute case its even better then the real thing! And it has a great taste and health benefits too! Such a relief now we can serve cereal with milk! Adina L. and kids

A. B. J.

Since switching to Wayside Acres Goat Milk products I've notice i have been losing weight, When i asked my doctor if it was possible, if it was related to changing Goat Milk, he assured me that it was! Goat milk is great for the metabolism, the digestive system, and is naturally filling, This product dose not disappoint. A. B. J.

Mrs. Naomi F Kew Garden Hills

The Goat Milk really has a great taste: I gave it to my kids as an experiment and i couldn't believe they didn't know the difference! Thank You Mrs. Naomi F Kew Garden Hills

Shlomo G. Flatbush Brooklyn

Finally! A cholov Yisroel bottle of goat milk on the shelf in my local supermarket! Thank You! As one who suffers with various health issues, I've been advised to stay away from dairy products, which has been very hard, Goat milk has always been good for me, but so hard to get! In appreciation, Shlomo G Flatbush Brooklyn.

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Shavuot Special

June 16, 2016June 16, 2016
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